Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long have The Mushrooms been together?

A. The Mushrooms have been together playing clubs, weddings and parties for over ten years. Before forming The Mushrooms, the band members had played in other bands together. So not only are they a tight knit group of musicians but they are old friends as well!

Q. What kind of events or venues have you played?

A. Most of the Mushrooms’ performances are weddings and corporate parties. They have played at some of the South’s premier wedding venues such as The Elvetham, Pennyhill Park, Great Fosters and The Grand Hotel Eastbourne. Their client list includes companies such as Sainsburys, Hewlett Packard, Shilling Communication, Itochu Finance and the Royal Air Force.

Q. How much does it cost to book The Mushrooms and what do I get?

A. As an introductory package, The Mushrooms provide two hours of live entertainment including all sound equipment, lighting and effects. However, we are more than happy to work with our clients to fine tune our performance, set list, start and end times. We can also provide CD music between sets so there is no need to book a DJ. Final cost will depend on your package choice, timings and travel costs and you should contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q. Do you have a demo?

A. The Mushrooms pride themselves on their professional musicianship however the distinguishing factor of the band is the “party” atmosphere and the interaction with the audience. Nearly all our bookings come from repeat business and recommendations. We therefore prefer to use live recording clips of the band in our promotion. This way, you can review the band as they sound live and how they will sound at your event, not how they sound in a recording studio. However, owing to popular demand, we are producing some studio demos, which along with some live Video clips are available here - or contact us for a CD.

Q. Do you always use the same musicians?

A. Yes, The Mushrooms always use the same line up. However, each member of the band has a fully rehearsed “dep” who can play if required. However, a dep would only be used in exceptional circumstances.

Q. How long does the band need to set up and will you be set up before the guests arrive?

A. Generally speaking the band needs about 45-60 minutes to set up and sound check. Ideally this is done before the guests arrive or, as is the case at many weddings, when the room is being arranged for the evening reception. However, if you require the band to be set up before the event start this can be arranged as well.

Q. What if my event/wedding is running over schedule?

A. With the best intentions and planning, you may find your timings change during the evening. Once set up and sound checked the Mushrooms can be ready to perform at five minutes notice. They are also happy to wait in the wings if your event is running late.

Q. How does the band dress and do I need to provide changing facilities and refreshments?

A. The Mushrooms dress appropriately for the occasion both off and on stage. Changing facilities would be appreciated but we recognise that this cannot always be arranged. We would normally retire to a quiet area of the venue while not performing. On many occasions we have been asked to mix with the audience when not performing and we are happy to do this as well. We neither require, nor expect refreshments or food to be laid on for the band but if they are they are appreciated.

Q. Do the band have Insurance Cover?

A. The Mushrooms have comprehensive Public Liability Insurance. For many venues this is a requirement.

Q. Do band have PAT compatible equipment?

A. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) of electrical equipment is an important part of any health & safety policy. The Mushrooms use equipment that is fully PAT tested. Again, this is a requirement of many venues.